Maintenance Hangar

Maintenance Hangar for three Generic Aircrafts and Peripheral Workshops, Kasteli Airport *

Fuel Installations

Fuel Installations Kastelli and Elefsina Airports *

Tatoi Airport Buildings

Tatoi Airport Buildings 15000m2 (North Section of the Flight Education School (SMAEK), Air Academy Administration Complex (ΣΙ) and Air Academy School (SMIK) 3300 m2).*


AVIONICS Workshop, Larisa. Landscaping of Larisa’s Airport*

Aircraft Hangar

Aircraft Hangar and Peripheral Workshops for KC – 135 Aircrafts, Larisa, Kalamata, Elefsina*

Combined Air Operations Center (CARS) NATO

Defence Building 11000m2, Larisa *
(Technical Consultant of HAFGS/YPEPA with extended responsibility on design and construction).

Tatoi Airport

Installation of decentralized Y/C of total power 10MW – interface cables.

* Participation : 30%, ** Participation : 50%, *** Participation : 70%