Detailed Design The SoW included: • Lighting design for the surrounding area for Poseidon Hotel & Spa. • Lighting design for the surrounding area for the “Aeolos” complex of MYRON SA • Electrical design for the surrounding area including the dismantling platform for the Poseidon Hotel & Spa.

Permitting Design and Detailed Design of hotel complex consisting of eleven (11) buildings, ~200 beds of ~ 4.310m² total surface.

Complete E/M Design of an ultramodern and luxurious hotel complex in Dubai, total surface ~48.000m².


Complete E/M Design of 5* luxurious hotel, 220 rooms in Dubai (the World Islands), total BUA 22.000m²..

Guest rooms interior renovation and modernizing of the professional training center’s views, 172 beds, 150 people conference centre, restaurant for 200 people, kitchen etc., total surface ~12.000 m². (2014)


Preliminary Design and Feasibility Study for founding from Investment Law

Walk through audits and surveys of all Electrical and Mechanical installations in order to define the needed repairs or supplements and estimate the total budget.


• G. I. Stamatakou Youth Institution: Student Dorms in Kastri Kinourias of ~3.000m², (98 beds) (2011)


Renovation and Refurbishment of the old house’s underground area and Renovation of the conference rooms Silver A, B & C, total surface ~ 700 m2

Residential Area “Porto Neri” in Skorponeria consisted of 250 residences, a 5* Hotel (of 100 beds) and Shops (Preliminary Study) (2008)

Refurbishment – Renovation of the existing 5 star complex, 600 beds (Preliminary Design) (2008)


5 star Hotel, 100 beds, Vitina (Design and Supervision consultant) (2007 ÷ 2008)


Resort in Milos Island in 650 km2 area. The complex includes : main Hotel, Spa building, Swimming Pools, 40 bungalows, Infrastructure and Facilities Buildings, 34 residences, shops

Athens Hilton, Refurbishment**


Hotels: “Xenia” in Poros, “Cavo Tagoo”* in Myconos, “G. Pitta”* in Paros, “Iliofania”* in Santorini, Skiing Resort by “Lafont Hellas” in Parnassos**, TymfristosSkiing Center etc.*

Holiday Resort of 250 residences, Galataki, Corinthos*

Holiday Resort of 180 residences and 900 people by Lafont Hellas, Mykonos** (Design – Supervision)


Preliminary and Final Design including all permitting services for Modern monuments departments of Ministry of Culture and feasibility study for founding from investment low.

3 2-storey house complexes in Siros Island of total surface ~450 m2 with 4 identical swimming pools (2010)

3 2-storey house complexes in Siros Island of total surface ~470 m2 with swimming pool (2010) )

* Participation : 30%, ** Participation : 50%, *** Participation : 70%