DEKTIS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS S.A. is a company of great experience in the provision of consultancy services, design and supervision of various projects. The company is classified by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks as a 5th Grade in Mechanical – Electrical – Electronic Design (Category 9), a 3rd Grade in Energy Design (Category 14), as well as a 1st Grade in Organizational and Operational Research (Category 05), a classification that allows to undertake and execute complex projects both in private and the public sector. Our goal is to provide high quality consultancy services and the development of designs according to the most recent scientific and technological advances.

Dektis Consultant Engineers S.A. is certified with:

  • Quality Management Systems Standard ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
  • Green Building Endorser – European Commission
  • Motor Challenge Endorser

Dektis Consultant Engineers S.A. is the result of the conversion of Dektis Consultant Engineers Ltd., which is the natural continuation of Fasma Consultant Engineers Ltd staffed by the same experienced engineers with scientific qualifications, who are encouraged to continuous training in order to meet the constantly rising demands and challenges of mechanical – electrical – energy design. All engineers, partners and associates, are Energy Inspectors certified by the Special Secretariat for the Environment and Energy Inspectorate of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, three members of our company took part in the working groups of Technical Chamber of Greece for the development of the Buildings Energy Performance Regulation (KENAK) and the technical directives that accompany him, while Ioannis Ladopoulos, the company’s technical director, is certified as LEED Green Associate by the U.S. Green Building Council as well as Pearl Qualified Professional by the Urban Planning Council of Abu Dhabi and also has a master degree in ΜΑ Lighting Design – Architectural lighting and Design management.

Provided Services :

  • Electrical and Mechanical Installations (Design – Supervision)
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning and start – up assistance
  • Επιβλέψεις κατασκευής έργων
  • Energy Studies
    (Energy Saving, Renewable Energy Sources Use)
  • Environmental Studies
  • Technical Consulting Services

DEKTIS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS S.A. provides services in the following work categories:

  • Office Buildings, Educational Complexes, Administrative and Cultural Centers, Banks, Commercial Centers
  • Hospitals, Hotels, Residential Complexes
  • Industries
  • Thermal and Hydro-Power Plants of PPC or Private Companies
  • Automobile’s Technical Control Stations
  • Multistory underground parking, workshops, exhibition halls
  • Road construction: Highways – Tunnels
  • Sport Complexes
  • Airports
  • Military Facilities
  • Holy Monasteries
  • Environmental Projects
  • Cities’ infrastructure networks (Hydraulic- Electric etc.)

Moreover, provides services in the Energy Sector:

  • Renewable Energy Sources (Solar, Small Hydroelectric, Wind Turbines, PV, Biomass etc.)
  • Co-Generation
  • Energy Saving
  • Replacement of conventional energy sources with Natural Gas
  • Bioclimatic and Energy Building Design
  • Optimization of Energy Consumption

DEKTIS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS S.A. has the experience to conduct Energy Audits in addition to the experience of providing all services concerning the preparation of the proposal, financing and completion of subsidized projects.

Indicatively the following programs are listed:

  • New Investment Law (3908/2011)
  • National Strategic Reference Network (NSFR) 2007 – 2013
    • Operational Programme “Environment-Sustainable Development”
  • 3rd Community Support Framework
    • Energy Saving, RES and Co-generation Investments
    • Community Initiative LEADER+
    • Regional Operational Programmes
  • SAVE
  • Motor Challenge Programme
  • MLEI


The company commands high quality technical infrastructure and equipment to insure the successful and prompt elaboration of the Studies as well as the upholding of Specifications during Studies and works management.

DEKTIS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS, with headquarters in Agii Anargiri, 90 N. Plastira St., is organised according to contemporary demands commanding specialised departments for every kind of occupation, full computerization for the production of Studies, Greek and International Prototypes Usage depending on each case as well as the Know-how for quality – control, safety, energy usage optimization, maintenance etc.