DEKTIS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS classified by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks as a 5th Grade in Mechanical – Electrical – Electronic Design (Category 9), a 3rd Grade in Energy Design (Category 14), a 1st Grade in Environmental Design (Category 27) as well as in Organizational and Operational Research (Category 05), a classification that allows to undertake and execute complex projects both in private and the public sector.

Services - Projects


Building Projects

DEKTIS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS S.A. is a company of great experience in the provision of consultancy services, design and supervision of various Building projects.


Infrastructure Facilities

We provide high quality consultancy services as well as the responsible and consequent design and supervision of various Infrastructure projects.


Energy Studies

DEKTIS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS S.A. has the experience to conduct Energy Audits in addition to the experience of providing all services concerning the preparation of the proposal, financing and completion of subsidized projects.



Our goal is to provide high quality consultancy services, the responsible and consequent design and supervision of various projects..