Study of improvement and detour settlements to the above mentioned part.

Update of technical characteristics of lighting and study of components of mast illuminating, arms, raceways cable routing, base of the tissue and terminal box wiring the power line with the line of luminaires

Preliminary and Final Study.

  • Street lighting of Arachova detour outside the tunnel section, of length of  5.000m.
  • Street lighting and traffic signals of Eastern Interchange.
  • Street lighting and traffic signals of Western Interchange which includes internal junctions.
  • E/M study of bidirectional tunnel installation with a length of 1600m and escape tunnels

Studies of lighting, distribution- Substations, groundings, smoke CO-NO ventilation, control fire scenario, fire protection, fire detection, circulation control, traffic signals, T/F in case of need, radiocommunications, central control system SCADA, vehicle height control, closed television circuit, telematics, megaphones, frost checking, escape doors..

Budget: 2.260.000,00€.

  • Electrical Networks for Panagia and Sirtou, Agnanterou, Ag. Paraskevi, Agia Triada, Prionion and Velanidion Tunnels (700 m to 2500 m long) (2008)
  • Anilio – Metsovo Section 6.5km long, including Anthohori, Votonosi, 2 Korifes, and Krimnos Tunnels, each 300-1100 m long as well as Votonosi and Megalorema Bridges*
  • Ag. Nikolaos and Kalamion Tunnels, connecting junction of Metsovo tunnels*
  • Tunnel S1Ν Ag. Nikolaos – Koumaria Section, 850m long*
  • Grica – Kristalopigi – Psilorahi Section 16km long (Neohorio Tunnel, Kristalopigi Bridge and Tunnel)*
  • Section Ag. Nikolaos – Koumaria, Tunnels *
  • Section 3.2 Egnatia Toll Road, Ventilation in Anthohori, Votonosi, 2 Korifes and Krimnou Tunnels*

* Participation : 30%, ** Participation : 50%, *** Participation : 70%