Two tunnels of 4,800m length each. The Fire Extinguishing Design was prepared in accordance with ERGOSE / EX.288601 / 17.02.2017 which requires a fire extinguishing network with fire hoses per 100m of 400 lt / min supply and simultaneous operation of 2 fire hoses. The network is common to both tunnels with simultaneous loop operation. Consideration was given to the creation of two separate pumping stations (instead of one) in each exterior service building, to ensure supply from two sources for safety reasons and to minimize pump gauge height.

Greek Railways Road (OSE S.A.) Works :

Tunnel Preliminary and Detail Design, as well as service and outdoor lighting buildings. Two (2) bi-directional tunnels, 1.495,4m each, Medium Voltage distribution network comprising two (2) substations.


Lightning Protection of Railway Bridge No 26 (RB 26).

Grounding connections of the Railway Bridge No 26 (RB 26) with the metal parts of the bridge, the power system, the metal parts, the lighting poles and any adjacent metallic structure.

Athens Suburban Railway: “Pirgouthi” tunnel, 350m length, in Ag. Anargiri (2007).

Ikonio (3650 m long) and Dafni (1000 m long) Tunnels of the railway road connecting the NewPort in Ikonio with the railway network (2008)

(Main Tunnels- two single direction tunnels of length 7.000m each – two escape tunnels of length 700m and 900m accordingly, 13 interconnections escape tunnels, Medium Voltage distribution network comprising 5 MV/LV substations (2007).

Section between Evangelismos and Rapsani 4.5 Km long *

Refinery by-pass, Corinth 1.6km long*

* Participation : 30%, ** Participation : 50%, *** Participation : 70%