Ag. Dimitrios Steam Electric Station - Unit V - Supply and installation of exhaust gas desulfurization system (2017-2019)

– Design of Active Fire Protection Systems – HVAC Design, smoke ventilation system, and central control system (BMS) of the following station buildings: Electrical & Control Building, Limestone Preparation Building, Recirculation & Dewatering Building, Limestone Unloading Building – Water supply – drainage design of the electrical building and – Hot water network design for the buildings’ heating – Storm water drainage design of the buildings etc.

Hybrid Power Project in Ikaria (2009)

Building Earthings, pumping stations, wind parks.

Independent Power Production Station in Limnos Island

Offices Building, Substation, WarehouseandMachinery Divisions (Bidding Study) (2009)

Vassilikos Power Station – Phase III, Unit 4 (2x130 MW) (2008) in Cyprus

Auxiliary Installations, Power 2×130 MW, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Power currents, Potable Water, Sewerage and BMS

Thermal Power Plant ELPE 400 MW * in Thessaloniki (2000)

Power 400 KW, Air Conditioning – Plumbing – Fire Fighting- Heating

Atherinolakos ΙΙΙ – IV

All the Auxiliary Installations

Cable trays – Cables – Control for Production Installations *

“Thisavros” Hydroelectric Power Plant 350MW in River Nestos (1995)

Power 350MW, Air Conditioning – Heating – Ventilation

Hydroelectric Power Plant 330 MW * in Meliti, Florina

Study and Design of Trays and Cables

“Linoperamata” Thermal Power Plant in Heraklion, Crete

Air conditioning –Heating- Ventilation

Thermal Power Plant in Rhodes (3x23,4MW)

Air conditioning –Heating- Ventilation

Accordion Panel

Thermal Power Plant Station – Air conditioning – Heating – Ventilation and Fire Fighting

Thermal Power Plant 350MW in Agios Dimitrios, Kozani

Air conditioning – Potable Water

Thermal Power Plant Combined Cycle Natural Gas 476MW in Komotini

Air conditioning – Potable Water – Fire Fighting


* Participation : 30%, ** Participation : 50%, *** Participation : 70%