Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The visitor / user of the pages and services of our Website must carefully read the terms of use and the conditions of service that follow prior to the visit or use of our pages and services and in case of disagreement must not make use of them. Otherwise he is presumed to accept them and give his consent. The following terms of use apply to all content and to what is generally included in the pages of our Website. Our design office (hereinafter for the sake of brevity the Beneficiary) may at any time modify the terms of use and conditions, and users / visitors must check each time for any changes and if they continue to use it is assumed that they accept the modified terms and conditions. Otherwise they must refrain from using/visiting our Website.

Visitor / user obligations

The visitor / user of our Website must, on the one hand, comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications, and on the other hand refrain from any illegal and abusive use of the content and services of our Website. He must also behave decently, politely and discreetly during his visit and use of our Website, while the adoption of unfair competition practices is expressly prohibited. Any damage caused to our Website or the Network in general resulting from the misuse or improper use of the relevant services by the user / visitor is within the sphere of his/her sole responsibility.

Block advice

Anything provided to users / visitors through our Website is in no way, directly or indirectly, incitement, advice or inducement to carry out any act but it is up to the discretion of the users / visitors to evaluate what is provided to them and to act on the basis of their private will, excluding any of our responsibility.

Personal data

DEKTIS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS S.A. is responsible for securing user data.

In the event that a user communicates with us through the contact form or in any other way, the provision by the user of his/her personal data is done voluntarily and exclusively at his or her free will. Such personal data is NOT processed and NOT stored.

User data is not sold, distributed, disclosed and provided to third parties. User data will only be provided to government authorities, government agencies or other competent authorities when required by law.

Cookies are also used. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the browser cache of the user who enters the website. Cookies can be identified by the browser and are stored only if the user accepts them incoming on the website. The user has the ability to prevent the storage of cookies on his computer by setting his browser accordingly.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding privacy, you can contact the Company via the contact form or via the dpo@dektis.gr e-mail address.

Site navigation is free. Personal information is NOT saved.

Finally, the user is solely responsible for any interception of personal information from his computer or when communicating with the website. The use of the website is not indicated by free wireless networks or shared computers.

Minors have access to our Website only with the consent of their parents/guardians and are not obliged to disclose their personal information.

Applicable law and other conditions

This contract of use is governed by the provisions of Greek Law, the directives and regulations of European law and the relevant International provisions, and is interpreted on the basis of the rules of good faith, the trading ethics and the economic and social purpose of the right.

If a provision is found to be contrary to the law and therefore void or voidable, it shall automatically cease to apply, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

No modification of the terms of this contract shall be taken into account and shall not form part of it unless it has been formulated in writing and incorporated into it.

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may change in the future and the changes will appear here.