Waste Water Treatment Plant & Sewerage Network of the South Kynouria Municipality (2015)

Construction of treatment works and disposal of wastewater and sewage of the village of Leonidio,
Plaka and Lakos.


Detailed Design of the following studies:

  • Hydraulic design
  • Hygionological design
  • Geotechnical design
  • Electromechanical design and equipment
  • Structural & Architectural design

Main Data:

  • Daily sewage volume (prediction for 20 years): winter 1.173,30m3 summer 1.287,90m3
  • MV substation of 250KVA
Pumping Stations in Ios island (2015)

Seawater and brine pumping stations of desalination plant on the island Ios of total daily supply 2500m3.

Waste Water Treatment Plant in Lamia (Stage 1)

Waste Water Treatment Plant in Lamia (Stage 1) (Bidding Study)

Pumping Station No 12 in Piraeus

Suggestions for the operation optimization (2009)

Pumping Station ΑΚ1

Suggestions for the operation optimization, replacement of depression pipe etc. in Piraeus (total flow 1400 m3/h) (2009)

Plumbing Studies in projects of other chapters
  • Remodeling of the area Salats in Kilkis
  • “Antonis Tritsis” ** Queen’s Tower Park of Environmental Awareness (~ 1.500.000 m2)
  • Mall in Ioannina
  • Residential Area with Car Park 20.000 m2 , residences – stores – offices ~35.000 m2 , in Nafplio
  • Costa Ilios Holiday Resort of 180 residences, 1500 people
  • “Sirios” ATS Station
  • Amman Mila Project (Preliminary Study)
  • Residential Area “Porto Neri” (Preliminary Design) in Skorponeria
  • Holy Monastery Simonos Petras
Waste Water Treatment Plants in projects of other chapters, such as
  • Costa Ilios Holiday Resort 1500 people
  • Holly Monastery of Announciation 350 people
  • “Sirios” ATS Station 600 people
  • Amman Mila project (Preliminary Study)
  • Residential Area “Porto Neri” (Preliminary Design) in Skorponeria

* Participation : 30%, ** Participation : 50%, *** Participation : 70%